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Music Performance Tuition:

Vocal (solo) and Choral coaching for oratorio/opera/theatre/ (sacred/secular)

Sight-reading Rhythm and Pitch (Melodic & Harmonic)

Aural Perception (i.e. chord/harmonic function)

Intonation & Tuning (i.e. how to correct the harmonic impurities of Equal Temperament)

Vocal/Choral Repertoire Development

Flute Performance


Music Literacy:

Music Notation Basics

Aural Perception, Harmony & Counterpoint (Fugue)

Theory, Structure & Analysis

Score Reading

Keyboard Musicianship (realisation of Jazz Chords, Figured Bass etc.)

Conducting and Ensemble Leadership

Johann Sebastian Bach Studies (and related repertories)


ALL AGES: Beginners, Intermediate & Advanced

Exam Preparation (AMEB, ABRSM, Trinity Guildhall etc.)




















I teach students at all levels in music theory, aural training and keyboard musicianship. I specialise in these areas:


Fluency in reading, understanding, and executing rhythm. From simple rhythmic patterns to syncopation, changing meter, to polyrhythm.


Rhythmic, melodic and tonal perception and dictation. How to listen to and notate music by ear.


Analysing music using harmonic function descriptors such as Roman numerals, Riemann (Rameau) and jazz chords. Aural perception of harmony.


Intonation and tuning, particularly for choirs and vocalists. Using harmonic analysis and an explanation of the physical interaction of sound waves, how to correct the deviations of Equal Temperament. (Ongoing software research with one of my students).


The art of composition, with a particular focus on harmony and counterpoint, and how to achieve good voice leading.


Keyboard dictation, and realisation of figured bass.


Score reading. How to follow and interpret orchestral and vocal scores. Works of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Handel, Mendelssohn, Stravinsky etc.


I also assist students prepare for graded exams with the AMEB and supplement the AMEB course with material from the Trinity Guildhall and the ABRSM curricula.





The Refinement of Rhythm Vol. 1
Refinement of Rhythm Vol 1 Dictation
The Refinement of Rhythm Vol. 2
Refinement of Rhythm Vol 2 Dictation
Modus Vetus
Modus Novus
Ear Training
Choral Intonation
How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony
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