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Canberra Bach Ensemble

Andrew Koll

Based in Canberra, Australia, Andrew Koll is a specialist in aural training, harmony and counterpoint, the science of just intonation, and the works of Johann Sebastian Bach.


Andrew uses a variety of aural training techniques, including those used in the Scandinavian music education system, to assist musicians in improving their sight-singing, pitch, rhythm, and chord recognition skills. He teaches functional harmonic analysis (Hugo Riemann) as well as the Roman numeral system and general music theory.


Andrew has a particular interest in choral singing, and in helping both professional and amateur choirs improve their choral intonation through a better understanding of the interaction of the mathematical ratios of soundwaves.


Over the past 20 years, Andrew has conducted many Canberra choirs and instrumental groups, including the ANU Choral Society (SCUNA), The University of Canberra Chorale, the Choir of St Paul’s Manuka, the Combined Choir Corpus Christi Parish of Calwell and Gowrie, the CANBERRA BACH ENSEMBLE, and the Canberra Community Orchestra.


Andrew teaches composition using traditional techniques of harmony and counterpoint such as voice leading in choral writing and building harmonic structure. He also assists emerging composers to develop and expand their harmonic and rhythmic palette, within their own stylistic boundaries. He has composed pieces which have been performed and recorded


Since completing his BMus (Hons) at the School of Music, ANU in the late 1990s, he has established a music study group, the Real Bach Society, where he presents multimedia seminars to academic and community groups examining the cultural, liturgical and theological interconnections of Bach’s music, and the musical sciences that are integrated into Bach’s art.


Andrew enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities, and his philosophy is to coach, support and inspire students to help them become the best musicians they can be.

The Refinement of Rhythm Vol. 1
Refinement of Rhythm Vol 1 Dictation
The Refinement of Rhythm Vol. 2
Refinement of Rhythm Vol 2 Dictation
Modus Vetus
Modus Novus
Ear Training
Choral Intonation
How Equal Temperament Ruined Harmony
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